To Iceland With Love

Dear Iceland, I know you are loved by many, and rightfully so. You are beyond beautiful, with all your natural splendor and opportunities for mere mortals to experience your otherworldly wonders. It has been two weeks since I returned, and I cannot stop thinking about you. I close my eyes and envision driving along theContinue reading “To Iceland With Love”

Open Letter to Walter Palmer, Murderer of Cecil the Lion

Dear Walter, I didn’t know who Cecil was until his beautiful, majestic face appeared all over the Internet following the callous and sadistic manner by which you ended his precious life in Zimbabwe. My heart was broken. This beloved lion was simply living among his pride when you lured him out of the sanctuary, shotContinue reading “Open Letter to Walter Palmer, Murderer of Cecil the Lion”

Cruising in Paradise: An Eco-Friendly Galápagos Adventure

Visiting the Galápagos islands was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Opportunities to get up close to nature’s wonderful creations are abundant in the enchanted isles. This animal lover was in paradise. Read all about my experience aboard a seven-day Ecoventura cruise in my latest for 25A Magazine by clicking on the picture below.Continue reading “Cruising in Paradise: An Eco-Friendly Galápagos Adventure”

Taking Refuge in Australia’s Kindness

The other night, I awoke from a deep sleep to silence. There was no cacophony of frogs, no giggling kookaburras, no pitter-patter of possums on the roof, and no cows marching across the lawn throwing water bowls around. There were definitely no wallabies clucking for their babies. These were the sounds of the bush, whereContinue reading “Taking Refuge in Australia’s Kindness”

PARROT CONFIDENTIAL: Film by Allison Argo Shows the Bittersweet World Parrots Share with Humans

I have witnessed parrots in captivity. I have heard their loud calls. I have seen in horror parrots who pecked their feathers out. I have also met wonderful parrot owners and rescuers who have dedicated their lives to making the lives of their feathered friends better. But until I saw Allison Argo’s film “Parrot Confidential”Continue reading “PARROT CONFIDENTIAL: Film by Allison Argo Shows the Bittersweet World Parrots Share with Humans”

Want to help elephants? Read this inspirational interview with volunteer Diana Edelman at Save Elephant Foundation.

Article previously published on NBC Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to quit your job and move abroad to rescue animals? Diana Edelman from Maryland did just that. A year ago, fed up with her PR job, 33-year-old Diana decided it was time to follow her dreams. She always knew she wantedContinue reading “Want to help elephants? Read this inspirational interview with volunteer Diana Edelman at Save Elephant Foundation.”

Save the Rhino, but Kill the Cow?

The wildlife conservation world is abuzz after learning about the extinct status of the Western black rhino in Africa by the IUCN yesterday. Rhinos have been hunted to extinction for their horns, which supposedly possess medical properties according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is no scientific proof. Conservationists have been working tirelessly to protect theseContinue reading “Save the Rhino, but Kill the Cow?”

Darwin Animal Doctors: Vet Care for All Galápagos Animals

The Galápagos Islands located off the coast of Ecuador are known for their exotic wildlife, such as the giant tortoises, swimming iguanas, sunbathing sea lions, and dancing blue-footed boobies. But did you know that the islands are also home to many dogs and cats? Pets were brought to the islands by those who come to work inContinue reading “Darwin Animal Doctors: Vet Care for All Galápagos Animals”