My Nature-Inspired Travel Wish List

All the major publications are putting out lists of recommended places to visit next year and I figured Nature Traveler should also join in the fun. I’ve had an incredible year, visiting six new countries and checking off more states in my quest to get to all 50. Some recent highlights include Mississippi river cruising onContinue reading “My Nature-Inspired Travel Wish List”

Sully H.W. Bush, America’s VetDog from the Prison Puppy Program

I am sure by now you’ve all see the heartwarming picture of the late President George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully lying next to his casket. Washington Post reported that Sully is a two year old service dog from the Guide Dog Foundation’s VetDogs Program, which provides  trained dogs to veterans in need. These dogsContinue reading “Sully H.W. Bush, America’s VetDog from the Prison Puppy Program”

10 Eco-Friendly Products for Your Next Vacation

The tide has finally turned and there are now more opportunities than ever to participate in sustainable and responsible tourism. Cruise lines, hotels, and tour operators are beginning to ban plastic straws to protect marine life, and companies like Intrepid Travel started offering vegan food adventures. Many argue that flying is bad for the environment, butContinue reading “10 Eco-Friendly Products for Your Next Vacation”

To Iceland With Love

Dear Iceland, I know you are loved by many, and rightfully so. You are beyond beautiful, with all your natural splendor and opportunities for mere mortals to experience your otherworldly wonders. It has been two weeks since I returned, and I cannot stop thinking about you. I close my eyes and envision driving along theContinue reading “To Iceland With Love”

An Open Letter to Those Who Are Hell Bent on Celebrating July 4th with Illegal Fireworks

First of all, fireworks are illegal. In case you didn’t know that. They are illegal because you are not professionals trained to handle them. You are especially not equipped to set off bottle rockets after a few bottles of beer. Second, you live in a neighborhood with other houses, busy roads, sidewalks. You aren’t inContinue reading “An Open Letter to Those Who Are Hell Bent on Celebrating July 4th with Illegal Fireworks”

Traveling With Your Dog this Summer? Adventure Girl and Nature’s Recipe Make it Easier

Adventure Girl Stefanie Michaels has been all over the world, but one thing she loves to do is travel with her dogs. After all, they make everything fun! Now, she has partnered with Nature’s Recipe pet food to make doggie travel a lot easier. Nature’s Recipe knows what pet owners worry about most — findingContinue reading “Traveling With Your Dog this Summer? Adventure Girl and Nature’s Recipe Make it Easier”

Our Fairy Tale Wedding at Greece’s Agreco Farm

Set to festive Cretan music, the kri-kri goat danced under olive trees while bunnies cuddled with kids, visitors picked fruits and vegetables, and my heart melted. As I watched the video for Agreco Farm, I knew I wanted to get married there.  Located near Rethymnon in the countryside of Crete, Agreco is a gorgeous replicaContinue reading “Our Fairy Tale Wedding at Greece’s Agreco Farm”

Tranquility at Antigua’s Blue Waters Resort & Spa

Tropical drinks, spacious suites, and private pools overlooking the azure waters of Antigua were just what I needed to escape  winter storm Jonas. A quick flight on JetBlue delivered us to the paradise that is Antigua, boasting 365 stunning beaches and lush vistas. At Blue Waters Resort, an all-inclusive, luxury resort located on 17 acres inContinue reading “Tranquility at Antigua’s Blue Waters Resort & Spa”