10 Eco-Friendly Products for Your Next Vacation

The tide has finally turned and there are now more opportunities than ever to participate in sustainable and responsible tourism. Cruise lines, hotels, and tour operators are beginning to ban plastic straws to protect marine life, and companies like Intrepid Travel started offering vegan food adventures. Many argue that flying is bad for the environment, butContinue reading “10 Eco-Friendly Products for Your Next Vacation”

Camping in Ngorongoro Crater (Quoted in Forbes)

It was such a pleasure to do a short write up about one of my favorite camping experiences EVER! When I was just 24, I camped with a few of my girlfriends by Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, which is teeming with wildlife. Read about my wild experience here in this article written by the amazingContinue reading “Camping in Ngorongoro Crater (Quoted in Forbes)”

10 Best National Parks for Wildlife Watching (Green Global Travel)

Our majestic National Parks and the animals that inhabit these lands need our help more than ever now. Here’s a list of the best Parks to visit and support our national treasures, published on Green Global Travel: 10 BEST NATIONAL PARKS IN USA FOR WILDLIFE WATCHING  

Open Letter to Walter Palmer, Murderer of Cecil the Lion

Dear Walter, I didn’t know who Cecil was until his beautiful, majestic face appeared all over the Internet following the callous and sadistic manner by which you ended his precious life in Zimbabwe. My heart was broken. This beloved lion was simply living among his pride when you lured him out of the sanctuary, shotContinue reading “Open Letter to Walter Palmer, Murderer of Cecil the Lion”