To Iceland With Love

Dear Iceland, I know you are loved by many, and rightfully so. You are beyond beautiful, with all your natural splendor and opportunities for mere mortals to experience your otherworldly wonders. It has been two weeks since I returned, and I cannot stop thinking about you. I close my eyes and envision driving along theContinue reading “To Iceland With Love”

Kissing Horses and Hiking Mountains with My Dog in New Hampshire

“The mountains are calling and I must go,” said John Muir about finding peace among the towering trees, silvery cliffs, and crisp mountain air that breathes freshness into your being. It was this desire that carried me away from my concrete jungle to the White Mountains of the Granite State over Memorial Day Weekend. TheContinue reading “Kissing Horses and Hiking Mountains with My Dog in New Hampshire”

Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary: Haven For Unwanted Animals

“Somewhere…somewhere in times own space, there must be some sweet pastured place, where creeks sing on and tall trees grow, somewhere where forgotten horses can go…” reads a sign at the entrance to the Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary. Author’s Note: I wrote this article a few years ago for when Proud Spirit was locatedContinue reading “Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary: Haven For Unwanted Animals”

Interview with Melanie Sue Bowles, Founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

“A horse doesn’t have to be used to have value,” wrote Melanie in Hoof Prints, a sequel to her book The Horses of Proud Spirit about starting a sanctuary for neglected and abused horses 20 years ago. Melanie and her husband Jim founded Proud Spirit while still working as professional firefighters in Florida. Today, located in Lincolnton, Georgia, ProudContinue reading “Interview with Melanie Sue Bowles, Founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary”