Open Letter to Walter Palmer, Murderer of Cecil the Lion

Dear Walter, I didn’t know who Cecil was until his beautiful, majestic face appeared all over the Internet following the callous and sadistic manner by which you ended his precious life in Zimbabwe. My heart was broken. This beloved lion was simply living among his pride when you lured him out of the sanctuary, shotContinue reading “Open Letter to Walter Palmer, Murderer of Cecil the Lion”

West Paw Design Makes Eco-Friendly Pet Products from Recycled Materials

Published on NBC on June 21, 2013 Based in Bozeman, Montana, West Paw Design is the country’s longest running, eco-friendly pet products company. When companies were going overseas to manufacture products, Spencer Williams, President of West Paw Design, was determined to keep manufacturing in the USA. A fifth-generation Montanan and animal lover, Spencer alsoContinue reading “West Paw Design Makes Eco-Friendly Pet Products from Recycled Materials”

Kindness Ranch: American Sanctuary for Research Animals

Apes and bunnies are not the only animals used in research. A lot of pets and farm animals spend their time in disease research facilities and pet food companies across the country, most never even seeing daylight. Thankfully, a sanctuary started by Dr. David Groobman is changing the lives of some of these animals. KindnessContinue reading “Kindness Ranch: American Sanctuary for Research Animals”