Oakview Wildlife Refuge, Queensland, Australia

Testimonials from LinkedIn

“Lavanya is a dedicated and bright voice. She was a delight to work with, extremely professional and respectful. I would highly recommend Ms Sunkara as a writer.” ~ Allison Argo, Emmy Winning Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, Narrator, ArgoFilms, Ltd.

“Lavanya is a passionate person. A more apt description is a passionate person with conviction. Her writing attests to this. Whereas some might develop a passion for that which they write about, Lavanya writes about that which she is passionate. As such, her writing comes from the heart. If Lavanya takes on an assignment you can be assured that her whole heart is into it. That level of integrity is hard to find.” ~ Qaalfa Dibeehi

“Lavanya is an inspired, prolific writer and editor. As a writer, her passion for her subject matter comes through in the form of creative original story ideas and clean, engaging prose. As an editor, she’s always able to bring stories to life by strengthening themes, filling holes in reporting, and smoothing bumpy transitions. And as a colleague, Lavanya is positive, upbeat and reliable!” ~ Wendy Toth, VP Content & Co-Founder at Metamorphosis Partners

“Lavanya’s editorial instincts worked magic to dig a story out of ruts in the road and move it forward on a more vibrant and vital path. I cannot thank her enough.” ~ Lisa Rubiner, Writer 

Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

Lavanya has always been a reliable, amazing, and delightful journalist to work with! We have been lucky enough to work with her on several articles throughout the years. She has always been personable, insightful, and responsible. And we are pleased to see her career grow to match her talents and passions! I would recommend her right away for any journalism job needed. ~ Tod Emko, Founder of Darwin Animal Doctors

“‘Extremely dedicated and exceptionally talented’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Lavanya. Her generous spirit and enthusiastic personality makes her an absolute pleasure to travel and work with. Lavanya is a brilliant writer who has the ability to capture moments and fine details in a way that makes her pieces both compelling and captivating. She writes from a place of compassion and authenticity, which is evident in her work. It’s rare to come across writers such as Lavanya who have a true purpose for their talent. I highly recommend Lavanya as an experienced and accomplished writer.” ~ Olivia Gilmore

Lavanya is a brilliant storyteller and passionate conservationist. Her entire ethos centers around writing with a purpose, uncovering and telling stories that matter, and giving voices to those who don’t always have a voice. I’ve worked with Lavanya in a few capacities. She wrote a beautiful story for Pilgrim Magazine—a publication I founded. She also volunteered time in a marketing capacity for an initiative I created called Street Dogs of the World. Most recently, we traveled together (and met for the first time in person!) with New Brunswick Tourism for a few journalistic pieces. In person, Lavanya’s passion is even more pronounced. She cares deeply for the environment, advocacy, conservation, and animal welfare. And that care is evident in all of her finished work. ~ Ashley Halligan, Founder of Pilgrim Magazine


“Lavanya is amazing to work with. She’s creative, intuitive and thinks about angles before I get the chance to. Solid writer, passionate and professional.” ~ Stefanie Michaels, Adventure Girl

“Lavanya writes with her heart. Her work reflects depth of courage and richness of experience. The quality of her writing is technically strong and emotionally engaging. Whether it is about bringing home the message of conservation via JeffCorwinConnect.com, and her interviews with tree huggers at the ‘Embracing Trees’ blog, or deep personal narratives that move the reader memorably (including a recent one in the NY Times), her work necessitates meditations on the collective condition of our species, and the relationships we have with other species and with our planet. Therefore, I strongly recommend her work to anyone who is looking for high quality and refreshing verve in writing.” ~ Vinodh Valluri

“I had enjoyed reading Lavanya’s articles from the small press to the New York Times, but her enthusiastic, positive but constructive edit of an early draft of my novel made me a permanent fan. She is a passionate writer and editor, about whom I can’t gush enough. Highly recommend.” ~ Supriya Savkoor, Author

“Lavanya is a hard worker who pays close attention to detail, goes the extra mile and brings creativity and smarts to every project she works on. She is totally responsible, reliable, dependable and a joy to work with. You can’t go wrong hiring Lavanya Sunkara!” ~Dorri Olds, Freelance Writer, Editor, Website Designer, Social Media Consultant, DorriOlds.com

“Lavanya is an editor’s dream. She understands assignments and her work is spot on. Can’t wait to have her contribute more.” ~ Diana Edelman, Founder of Vegans, Baby 

“Lavanya is a passionate, driven and resourceful writer with strong values, integrity and honesty. She can tell a story with humor and intimacy, bringing the reader into a culture or experience as if it was their own.” ~ Amy Paul, Development Consultant

“Lavanya is a talented and hard-working writer. She consistently produces excellent articles and essays in a variety of styles and on many subjects. Lavanya’s specialties are writing about travel and animals, as well as fiction, but she can apply her skills to any topic with outstanding results.” ~ Piper Hoffman, Writer

R Ranch, Arizona

“Lavanya Sunkara is the consummate professional. Ever since I met her a few years ago, I have been taken with her professional attitude and work ethic. She is one of the most well-read, and well-spoken people I know, able to hold an intriguing conversation on virtually any topic. It’s this inquisitiveness that makes her such a great writer. Lavanya is not satisfied with scratching the surface of a story, or writing something that only touches on any particular issue. She is driven to delve deeper than the assignment requires, to get to the real heart of the story and to answer the tough questions that reside there. Her impressive strength and courage became most evident to me when she wrote her first article to be published in the New York Times. She risked the negative reactions from her family to write something truly honest. I am obviously a big fan of her work and I look forward to the work she will produce in the future.

Aside from being one of Lavanya’s many fans, I am also fortunate enough to consider her a good friend. I’ve often been taken with her caring and considerate nature when it comes to family and friends. And nowhere is that more apparent than in her relationship with her dog, Indu. Lavanya is the most amazing pet owner I’ve ever met, nurturing, compassionate, and absolutely dedicated to Indu’s well-being and happiness. It’s a joy to watch them interact and I know first hand that Indu is one of the most lucky animals in the world to be rescued by such a dedicated care-giver.

But that’s just Lavanya’s nature. She truly feels the pain of all mistreated animals everywhere and she works everyday to lessen the cruelty that has become so commonplace in our society. Her personal values and beliefs when it comes to social issues like this are truly inspiring. Her commitment to making this world a better place is absolutely genuine and I know that Lavanya will make an unforgettable mark on this planet. Her best and most important work is yet to come.” ~Michael Venzor

With foster puppy Jazzy

“Lavanya’s sparkling personality shines through in her writing style. Her love for and passion for animal welfare and protection is clearly demonstrated in all of her work. She is an asset to any community in which she is involved.” ~Jo Singer, Free Lance Writer/Blogger

“Lavanya writes with an authenticity and openness that gives the reader insight while taking them along on an emotional journey. Her words engender you to feel as invested in the outcome of her various adventures as if you were physically along for the ride.” ~Dr. Alisa Hurwitz, drdrama.com

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