Being Wild and Mindful

The only thing Wild movie did for me was make me miss my hiking days in California. Other than that, I wasn’t inspired by the story. A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson about his Appalachian Trail hike still remains one of my favorite books about the outdoors. For those who are inspired toContinue reading “Being Wild and Mindful”

Nine Must-See Sites from The Walking Dead

First off, let me start by saying that I met RICK GRIMES!! Last Monday, at The New York Times – TimesTalks, Andrew Lincoln graced the stage with his charming personality and sense of humor, not to mention his adorable looks, all of which he hides behind a tough exterior on the hit AMC show, TheContinue reading “Nine Must-See Sites from The Walking Dead”

Five Beaches to Beat the Winter Blues

I am not a beach person, but working long hours has made me dream about sun-kissed shores and water sports. I have been to beaches all over the world and a few have stayed with me. The calm tradewinds of Aruba offer a perfect opportunity for wind surfing and snorkeling. There’s no place like CostaContinue reading “Five Beaches to Beat the Winter Blues”

Stumbling Upon Sweet Savannah

Savannah, the city known for its elegant haunted houses and Spanish moss, was surprisingly never on my to-visit list. Somehow I ended up in the Historic District on a road trip in Georgia this past December. The oldest city in the Peach State immediately became one of my favorites. As a tree lover, I wasContinue reading “Stumbling Upon Sweet Savannah”

One Woman’s Year Around the World for Wildlife

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drop everything and take off a year to help endangered wildlife? After the loss of two close relatives in the same year, Jane Stanfield — a Colorado resident in her 40s — chose to live life to fullest while she still could. Animal lovers dream ofContinue reading “One Woman’s Year Around the World for Wildlife”

Do Kind Things, Be Happy. It’s Really That Simple.

This afternoon, a coworker handed me delicious persimmons from her mother’s backyard. This random act of kindness brightened my day and gave me a reason to write this post. Kindness is often overlooked in our busy lives. Our minds are constantly running at full speed on things we could do to make our lives better—getContinue reading “Do Kind Things, Be Happy. It’s Really That Simple.”

Live it Up with The Walking Dead: Fans Share Their Dream Getaways

The Walking Dead returns soon and, if the trailers are any indication, it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Like millions of fans, I cannot wait for the season premiere. AMC’s Walking Dead has a following similar to Breaking Bad; it is host to characters with whom we can sympathize, even when they’reContinue reading “Live it Up with The Walking Dead: Fans Share Their Dream Getaways”

Eco-Friendly New York State Summer Escapes

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks,” said naturalist John Muir. There is no better time than Summer to savor the great outdoors. Beautiful island beaches, river kayaking, gentle hiking, and friendly farm animals are a short Zipcar or train ride away. Central Park has its perks, but New YorkContinue reading “Eco-Friendly New York State Summer Escapes”

Finding Balance in Aruba on Paddleboard

Stand up paddleboard yoga brings new meaning to the word serenity. Balancing above the tranquil, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea is a life-altering exercise every yogi must experience. A four-hour flight from New York landed me in Aruba, an island in the southern Caribbean Sea, known for its trade winds, casinos, white sand beaches,Continue reading “Finding Balance in Aruba on Paddleboard”