Camping in Ngorongoro Crater (Quoted in Forbes)

It was such a pleasure to do a short write up about one of my favorite camping experiences EVER! When I was just 24, I camped with a few of my girlfriends by Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, which is teeming with wildlife. Read about my wild experience here in this article written by the amazingContinue reading “Camping in Ngorongoro Crater (Quoted in Forbes)”

15 Inspirational Animal Rights Activists Who Happen to be Women (Green Global Travel)

Women have been at the forefront of wildlife conservation for decades, and their stories are inspiring those of us who want to help animals. Here, you will rind 10 incredible women who have dedicated their lives to the welfare of animals. 15 INSPIRATIONAL ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS WHO HAPPEN TO BE WOMEN (Green Global Travel)

One Woman’s Year Around the World for Wildlife

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drop everything and take off a year to help endangered wildlife? After the loss of two close relatives in the same year, Jane Stanfield — a Colorado resident in her 40s — chose to live life to fullest while she still could. Animal lovers dream ofContinue reading “One Woman’s Year Around the World for Wildlife”

Sports Academy for Orphans in Zambia

Check out my latest article in Overland Journal about a one-of-a-kind sports academy for orphans in Zambia run by John and Carmen Nomad from Canada. The couple is currently on a worldwide motorbike tour to raise money for the academy and give the children, including girls, a brighter future. Visit Nomad Sports Academy blog for information.  PleaseContinue reading “Sports Academy for Orphans in Zambia”