Living a Life Worth Writing About

To me, writing isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle. A very cherished one. Ever since I discovered my passion, all my actions, feelings, travels, and adventures became fodder for my articles, essays and chapters in my book. Whether it happened ten years ago, or just the day before, whether it was heartbreaking or joyful, the words flowed on paper. They brought comfort to me and soon bylines started appearing in national newspapers and popular websites. I was delighted when I learned that my personal and animal rescue writing was influencing others, and that in turn inspired me to continue on this path.

Over time, I began seeking experiences worth writing about. When I discovered the joys of travel journalism, it was a blessing. It made me venture beyond my comfort zone. On a trip to the Galapagos, I had to overcome my fear of the ocean on a snorkeling outing. In the past two years, I windsurfed in Aruba, paddle boarded with dolphins in Hilton Head, and tried surfing in Long Island—things I never would have done if I didn’t have editors waiting for drafts.

I have been incredibly lucky to be able to live my dream and have the success I had in my writing career in just three years. However, 2013 was marked by setbacks, both professionally and personally. There were betrayals, disappointments, and moments where I wanted to give up on writing. (Can you imagine!?) I could write about them, but why get stuck in the mud?

Looking back on this year, despite all the negativity and heartbreak, I made so many wonderful memories, all thanks to my writing. I revisited my favorite people and animals at the Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary and Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. I connected with amazing people like Diane Benedict from PAALS For Life, a rescue program for homeless pets and humans. I learned about organizations like the Howling Woods Wolfdog Rescue and Aruba Donkey Sanctuary.  I also made lovely new friends (hello to my Fordham GO! Guatemala team members). Oh, how could I forget the Dog Chef Kevyn Matthews, who transformed my obese dog with fresh, organic raw food into a svelte and happy hiking companion.

Come to think of it, it was a pretty good year!

Writing is certainly not an easy profession, and when it makes up a big chunk of your life and you wake up every day asking the question “What can I do today/this week/month/year that I can write about?” then you better make it a good one.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to more adventures in 2014!

Is writing a big part of your life? How do you motivate yourself to live life to the fullest? Leave in a comment.

Published by Lavanya

Lavanya Sunkara is a writer, animal lover, and globetrotter based in New York City. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Travel + Leisure, Architectural Digest, Fodor’s, Forbes, USA Today and many more in a career spanning ten years. She covers travel, eco-lifestyle, culture, pets, and wildlife conservation.

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