Billion Baby Turtles: Give a Dollar, Save a Turtle

SEE Turtles Organization launches billion baby turtles campaign Baby turtles are adorable. They are also in serious trouble. The Billion Baby Turtles campaign launched by the SEE Turtles organization has a lofty goal. A billion is a big number, but that’s exactly what’s needed to save endangered turtle species. “Odds are long for a baby sea turtle,Continue reading “Billion Baby Turtles: Give a Dollar, Save a Turtle”

Women Helping Wildlife Around the World

“The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.” ~ Jane Goodall Amazing women like Jane Goodall have been helping animals for years. They have been raising awareness about endangered species, developing sustainable solutions to bring back species on the brink of extinction, studying animal behavior to further protect them, andContinue reading “Women Helping Wildlife Around the World”

Darwin Animal Doctors: Vet Care for All Galápagos Animals

The Galápagos Islands located off the coast of Ecuador are known for their exotic wildlife, such as the giant tortoises, swimming iguanas, sunbathing sea lions, and dancing blue-footed boobies. But did you know that the islands are also home to many dogs and cats? Pets were brought to the islands by those who come to work inContinue reading “Darwin Animal Doctors: Vet Care for All Galápagos Animals”