Ten Travel Fashion Tips

I am not much into fashion. When someone tells me about a hot new designer, my mind draws a blank. But one thing I do know—what to wear and how to look and feel my best on a trip, whether it’s an adventure getaway, a visit to an animal sanctuary or a luxury escape. I’veContinue reading “Ten Travel Fashion Tips”

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

I’ve decided to start doing a Favorite Quote post every Friday. Because, why not? I love quotes and have a habit of collecting them. I thought I’d share a quote every week that’s special to me, and how it has helped me. These past weeks, I’ve been struggling with the idea of traveling alone. I’veContinue reading ““Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.””

Goat Walking in Guatemala

It’s not everyday that you see goats being walked on a leash. It was such a treat for me to see this little girl walking her goat when I was in Tecpan, Guatemala. I love goats, and made quite a few friends during my volunteer trip earlier this month. They are fun, playful, and moreContinue reading “Goat Walking in Guatemala”

Book Review: The Paradise Guest House

I love reading books that transport me to another land, somewhere far away from my New York City fast paced life. I picked this book, The Paradise Guest House by Ellen Sussman, because I was drawn to the cover. The inviting doors, the adorable statue of Lord Ganesha and the palm leaves were all IContinue reading “Book Review: The Paradise Guest House”

Women Helping Wildlife Around the World

“The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.” ~ Jane Goodall Amazing women like Jane Goodall have been helping animals for years. They have been raising awareness about endangered species, developing sustainable solutions to bring back species on the brink of extinction, studying animal behavior to further protect them, andContinue reading “Women Helping Wildlife Around the World”

“A Little Book of Sloth” Meet the sloths of Aviarios sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica

Did you know that sloths spend 70 percent of their time “resting”? Their nerves have evolved to not react to loud noises, which allows them to kick back on tree tops for long periods of time blending with the environment. “Sixty million years of evolution have made sloths the absolute masters of mellow,” writes LucyContinue reading ““A Little Book of Sloth” Meet the sloths of Aviarios sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica”

Interview with Melanie Sue Bowles, Founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

“A horse doesn’t have to be used to have value,” wrote Melanie in Hoof Prints, a sequel to her book The Horses of Proud Spirit about starting a sanctuary for neglected and abused horses 20 years ago. Melanie and her husband Jim founded Proud Spirit while still working as professional firefighters in Florida. Today, located in Lincolnton, Georgia, ProudContinue reading “Interview with Melanie Sue Bowles, Founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary”