10 Travel Inspired Independence Day Cocktails

Sun, sand, and surf are the perfect recipe for 4th of July Weekend. Add delicious summer drinks to your party and you’ve got yourself an exciting time. Appletinis and Cosmos are so cliché; just because you have the same group of friends over at your backyard party doesn’t mean you can’t spruce things up. I present you with recipes for ten fabulous cocktails that are so exceptional, they’re called “Liquid Art.” The best part? They’re inspired by some of our nation’s trendiest cities and celebrate Independence Day.

All of these handcrafted spirits are available at Sonesta Hotels across the country, from New Orleans to Hilton Head. While the drinks are infused with local ingredients, you don’t have to travel far to make them on your own. But, if you so choose to take an impromptu getaway for the long-weekend, book your stay and enjoy the libations.

1) Lady Liberty Cocktail 
Royal Sonesta, New Orleans

1½ oz. New Orleans Crystal Rum
½ oz. Blue Curaçao
2 oz. Grapefruit juice
Combine and top with 3-4 dashes of New Orleans Orange Flower water.
Served over ice with a salt and sugar rim.

Lady Liberty, Royal Sonesta New Orleans
Lady Liberty, Royal Sonesta New Orleans

2) The Patriots Punch
3/4 oz peach liqueur
1/2 oz elderflower liqueur
1 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz simple syrup
1 oz Don Q Rum
3 oz Pinot Blanc
Apple slices (peeled)
Served in Bordeaux glass with crushed ice.

3) Boston Tea Party
Royal Sonesta, Boston
1 ¼ ounce tea flavored vodka
¾ ounce St. Germain
Splash of lemonade
Splash of iced tea
Combine and stir. Served over ice with lemon garnish

4) Grande Sonesta
Sonesta, Philadelphia
Grand Marnier
Raspberry Peach Liquor
Peach Schnapps
Pomegranate Juice
Combine and garnish with a slice of peach and two raspberries on a skewer.
Serve in a martini glass drizzled with chocolate

5) Old Glory 
Sonesta Gwinnet Place, Atlanta
1 oz. Malibu Rum
½ oz. Blue Curacao
3 oz. Pineapple Juice
Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and pour it into hurricane glass.
Use blood orange as a garnish.

Old Glory Sonesta Gwinnett Place, Atlanta
Old Glory
Sonesta Gwinnett Place, Atlanta

6) Hemmingway Daquiri
Royal Sonesta, Houston
2 oz Appleton Estate VX Rum
1/3 oz Maraschino Cherry Liqueur
1 oz Texas Pink Grapefruit Juice
½ oz Lime Juice
½ oz Simple Syrup
Shake all ingredients together with ice then strain cocktail.
Garnish with lime wheel and brandied cherry

7) Red, White and Blue
Sonesta Coconut Grove, Miami
2 oz. Bacardi Rum
2 ½ oz. Strawberry Daiquiri (pre-prepared)
2 ½ oz. Pina Colada (pre-prepared)
½ oz. Blue Curacao
Ice, as needed
Add each frozen beverage in layers and garnished with blackberry, raspberry and cherry on top.

8) Sparkling Wild Berry Martini
Royal Sonesta Harbor Court, Baltimore
1½ oz Ciroc Wild Berry Vodka
½ oz Chambord
Garnish: Vanilla Syrup, Pop Rocks candy and Fresh Berries
Equal parts cranberry juice and sour mix. Rim glass with vanilla syrup and pop rocks, garnish with blackberry and blueberry skewer.

Sparkling Wild Berry
Royal Sonesta Harbor Court, Baltimore

9) Summer “Thyme”
Sonesta, Fort Lauderdale
1 oz fresh pineapple
1 oz fresh Key Lime juice
1 oz St. Germain
1 oz simple syrup
2 oz Cazadores Tequila
Garnish: Key Lime twist and sprig of fresh thyme
Muddle fresh pineapple and key lime juice in shaker. Add St. Germain, Simple Syrup, Tequila and Ice and shake. Strain and serve over ice, top with Key Lime twist and sprig of thyme.

10) “VKGPC” Virgil Kaine Ginger & Summer Peach Cider
Sonesta Resort, Hilton Head Island
1.25 oz Virgil Kaine Bourbon
4 oz Carolina Cider Company Peach Cider
½ tsp Ginger Simple Syrup
Organic Brown Cane Sugar
Peach Slice, Brule Caramelized
Rub the rim of a rocks glass with peach and dust the edge with brown sugar.
In a martini shaker, add ice and the bourbon followed by the cider and simple syrup.
Vigorously shake until well chilled. Pour the drink into the glass, garnish with the caramelized peach and cherry.

I don’t know about you, but writing about all these sumptuous drinks is making me thirsty! Off to mix myself up something tasty and patriotic… perhaps a Red, White and Blue.

Happy July 4th!

Published by Lavanya

Lavanya Sunkara is a writer, animal lover, and globetrotter based in New York City. She has written for The New York Times, Fodor’s, Architectural Digest, Shermans Travel, The Dodo, and many more in a career spanning eight years. She covers travel, eco-lifestyle, culture, pets, and wildlife conservation.

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